Monday, 1 July 2013

Declaration of Wellness

I am hereby declaring myself well again. I know glandular fever isn't the most serious illness, but it has been pretty rubbish and I've been lucky enough not to have had it for months and months (I better not have a relapse). I went on my first run today since I've been ill so hopefully I'll be back to fighting fit in no time. It hasn't been all bad either; I can now swallow pills and I've made a huge patchwork quilt, read the Life of Pi and started a blog. Oh, and conquered my fear of roller-coasters, so quite productive I think. I am also declaring myself better because I have to really, as I start my job as an activity leader at a summer camp down in Surrey next Monday. I'm pretty nervous and very excited to be out and about. So, thank you to all my lovely family and friends for the cakes, cards and presents and especially thanks to my parents for getting me on the mend.