Monday, 17 June 2013

Brick Lane

I've been going to Brick Lane in the East-end of London for about five years now, both with my friends and with my family. Then, I was a self conscious fourteen year old listening to emerging 'nu-folk' music and making some rather dodgy outfit choices, though I still stand by some of them, and Brick Lane was one of the most exciting places on the planet. Now I have friends who live near-by, frequenting its boutique cafes, celebrity spotting and making regular purchases from its plethora of vintage shops. While I could say that this has made the magic wear off for me slightly, it really hasn't. Brick Lane still remains one of my favourite places in London. The market is on a Sunday and so this is the most vibrant, if tourist-y, and exciting day to go.

As far as shopping goes I would recommend getting there early, not early early as the stall holders won't be about of bed, but I try to get to the pop-up vintage market under the Sunday-Up market (they're right down Brick Lane - you can't miss it), by about ten o'clock. This means you can choose from some of the best items and you can see them properly as you don't have to elbow your way through hundreds of dawdlers. I really recommend this market, I always find a bargain here. Today I bought a larger denim jacket, a floral sleeveless shirt, and a thick checked shirt. The other place I always seem to find success is Beyond Retro, the successful international chain, which can be found just off Brick Lane on Cheshire Street. From here I bought two funky shirts, one white lace shirt and a pair of stripy shorts. This shop is awesome.

My advice would be steer clear of Rokit and Blitz. Although Blitz is wonderfully laid out and a huge store, in general both are very over priced, that is of course unless you find that must have item that you've always wanted then who's stopping you splash out?

It's lovely to have a wander around and visit as many shops as possible, as well as making the most out of the markets, many of which are artists selling their unique creations. Despite an overcast sky and spitting rain there is always a great atmosphere on a Sunday, the vibrant street art, buskers and local characters means the street buzzes with life.

At the Sunday Up market and in the Truman Brewery you can get food from every conceivable country you can name from around the world, think of a country and you're sure to be able to find its national delicacy somewhere between the bustle of hipsters and tourists. On top of the variety, more often than not, the food is great. Today I had oriental chicken dumplings and noodles, like the ones that come as a starter in Wagamamas, but even bigger, yum!

Here is my haul for the day. I did really well, as it usually takes something big for me to part with my cash. I'm pretty pleased, and had a great day, so thanks to my parents.

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  1. Looks like an amazing place to shop! I'd love to visit someday!