Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Picnic by Rutland Water

Yesterday I met up with a couple of my friends for an impromptu picnic. The original aim was to go and pick our own strawberries and then picnic in the bluebell woods. However, because of the really cold spring we had the strawberries weren't ready, and to top it off the bluebells were over. But who can really complain when the sun's out and there are views like this, it was one of those days that reminded my not to take for granted the beauty of the countryside I've been brought up in. My friend Emily made some fantastic strawberry ice cream, the recipe for which I shall post a link when she uploads it to her blog, while Jenny made some awesome brownies. Now it looks like we can look forward to PYO strawberries later in the summer.

Here is Emily's recipe for her Skinny Strawberry Icream, seriously tasty. With the post you can also find some photos of my friends and I, and a particularly funny one of myself and a sheep. Enjoy!


  1. lovely photos:) wish I'd been there with you all! xxx

  2. Lovely Bugs! Stunning pictures, don't worry, we will go to PYO the second it opens! xx

  3. Looks that this turned out as a wonderful day even without the strawberry's and the bluebell. You live in a wonderful part of the world!