Monday, 3 June 2013

The Rutland Show

There are definite advantages and disadvantages to living in the countryside. Perhaps at this age the disadvantages outweigh the advantages - crappy phone signal, slow buses and a general lack of excitement. However, there are also advantages, crazy countryside traditions such as the one I experienced today. While this post won't be as exciting as I'd have hoped (having had my Ryanair flight jetting off to Malaga without me this morning), and won't detail the historical excellence of Granada's Alhambra, or Sevilla's cathedral, it's me making the best of the situation.

I think the last time I went to the Rutland Show was about 10 years ago and ideally it is suited to kids, with a larger that life robot strolling around inflatable slides and whirling teacups, and of course it is also for horsey people - one of which, I am not. However I managed to find some really great stalls, selling lovely baked goods, craft items and antiques, and my parents came home with some new garden furniture. Marvy.

I took some photos of my favourite stalls to share. The first stall that really caught my eye was a cake stall, giving away free samples, obviously. I tried a piece of chocolate cupcake, and it really was delicious, no exageration. Not only did the cake taste great, but the decorations were wonderful too. Really worth looking at if you're thinking of placing a big cupcake order anytime soon.

Cakes made by Yumi Cupcakes in Grantham. 

Carrying on with the country theme, loved these wonderfully decorated cupcakes.

Another stand that caught my eye had a variety of items, but what I really liked was this collection of ceramic, all hand painted by Rutland based artist Katie Almond. I definitely prefered the delicate floral patterns, compared to the larger paper inspired motif, however, overall the mix of colours and patterns worked really well. Lovely extra touches included delicate floral patterns found in the bottom of the cups, and golden handles. Really lovely stuff. 

My favourite stall though, has to be Old Bakery Antiques, from Wymondham, Rutland (unfortunately their web address does not appear to be working but you can get an idea of the shop here). The stall had ceramics, tiles, furniture and garden ornaments, and was beautifully decorated with cow parsley. If I had a house to decorate and a bank balance to match I could have easily come home laden with antique tiles, plates and furniture.

So in conclusion, at the Rutland Show there's everything from classic cars, falconry shows, jousting by what I've heard are real knights, prize farm animals, horsey things, farm machinery, and a bunch of nice stalls. If you want a taste of what country life can be, a country show illustrates everything mashed together in one field with an extra hint of crazy. If my blogger account will let me, I'll make another post, with some extra photos from my day.

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